October 4, 2017

React Loopback Pattern

I recently implemented a neat react pattern for creating dumb components in situations where it would normally be easier to allow the component to contain internal state. I am not claiming this is going to revolutionize anything, it’s just a very simple idea (that people are probably already doing) that might make some stuff simpler for anyone who has not seen it yet Definition The loopback pattern is an extention of the “smart/dumb” component pattern, where dumb components accept two props data and the loopback function. ... Read more

September 23, 2016

Assume less when teaching

I had an simple realisation while in a lecture the other day and I thought it interesting enough to share, despite it being a simple idea. The observation is as follows: there is an inverse correspondence between the assumptions a lecturer makes about what their student understands, and the speed and ‘stability’ with which a student can learn new ideas. Note this primarily applies to learning ideas that require understanding, not necessarily just memory. ... Read more

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